Facebook Tips for Marketers


What is Facebook, anyway?

Well, in simple terms, Facebook is a global social networking site. What that means is that people around the world can find, meet and connect with other people with similar likes and interests. While in the beginning, Facebook was mainly used as a way for friends and family to reconnect and keep in touch even across long distances, for free, it has now evolved into an incredible powerful tool for marketers and consumers alike. It’s membership of over 300 million users, makes Facebook the perfect platform for businesses to get immediate feedback from their target market. It is also an incredibly powerful marketing tool which, when used effectively, can help you generate faster results than any other social media site out there, including Twitter.

It’s NOT who your friends are, but how many friends THEY have

The first mistake marketers make on most social media scenarios is obsessing about building a massive list of friends or followers. Well, while it doesn’t hurt to have a large number of people following you, the viral nature of these sites depends not on how many friends YOU have, but on how many friends of your friends you’ll reach without any additional effort. Even if you only have five friends, but each one of them has the average number of friends in Facebook, which is about 150, then you can potentially reach 750 people without adding a single friend to your list.

Five Fabulous Facebook Facts (They’re really Tips, but I couldn’t help the alliteration)

  1. Set-up a Facebook Business Page — Everybody knows about setting up a Facebook profile. This is the place where you introduce yourself to the world and where your friends and family go to find you. Once you have a Profile page set-up, though, if your intent is to use Facebook for marketing purposes, then you need to set up a Business Page (formerly known as Fan Pages). The amazing thing about setting up a Facebook Business Page is that it has all the capabilities of a regular website. So, it is like having your own private website immediately ranked with Facebook’s page rank, which is incredibly high. This will be especially meaningful to those just starting out. Since you are actually expected to advertise on these pages, you can basically have a free landing page created within minutes in one of the highest ranking sites available now-a-days! Can you see the value in that? If you can’t, then you’re in the WRONG BUSINESS!

  1. Link your Business Page to all your other social media — Social Media sites offer members the opportunity to create a profile which, in most cases (I can’t really think of an exception, but just to be on the save side), will allow you to include a life link to your site. Use that space to “advertise” or link to your Facebook Business Page. This includes your Facebook Profile Page likes. Make sure you let all your current friends on Facebook know that they can now like you and your business as well.
  2. Add a “Like Me” button to your blog or site — If you already own a blog or website, make sure to grab the “Like Me” button linking directly to your Facebook Business page. Not only does it look extremely cool, but it will allow you to have those who find you through your blog posts connect with you on Facebook and keep updated on your latest news and offers!
  3. Set-up Special Events with RSVP — OK, I know this sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Set up a quick webinar with useful, but free content. Have a sale in which you reduce the price of your product or service for a limited time. Offer free eBooks or Reports. Then, have people you invite to these events RSVP. This is almost magical. See, what happens next is that when someone RSVPs for your event, it gets posted on their News Feed. Immediately, all their friends, and their friends’ friends see that RSVP. The result, some curious people who have never even heard of you, will check out your business page, and quite possibly like it as well! Now, you have new people who like your page and new potential costumers!
  4. Purchase Facebook PPC Ads